St. Stephen's Church, Tonbridge
with St. Eanswythe's Mission
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Children's Groups

SUNDAY 10.30am

On Sunday mornings the whole church meet together at 10.30am for a time of worship. During the first couple of songs, younger children often enjoy waving streamers at the front of church. After about 20mins children aged 0-14 are invited to leave for their own groups.


0 - 2 yrs


The Twinkles room is available to parents from the beginning of the service if required. You can watch the service from the monitor. This creche will be staffed by two leaders in yellow T-shirts once the children have left for their groups.

We know it's important for parents and their small children to enjoy their time at church. We provide a wide variety of toys and love to chat and play together.

While small babies are very welcome in Twinkles, there's also a creche area at the back of church.  No-one minds if your baby is noisy, but feel free to wander around with your baby if you prefer.

Baby-changing facilities are in the disabled toilet in the corridor.

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2 - 3 1/2 yrs


Sparkles meet in the church hall.  We believe we can offer our toddlers an opportunity to experience God through free play, crafts and a song and story time.  Being able to separate the older toddlers from the babies allows us to have more age-appropriate toys and more discussion in the structured time.

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Little Stars
3 1/2 - 5 yrs

Little Stars meets in the church hall via the door at the front left of the church.

In Little Stars we firmly believe that children can experience God in amazing ways.  The sessions generally include lots of activities such as craft, worship, prayer, games and stories, all exploring a theme.  Children get into small groups for a prayer time and there's lots of focus on building relationships, chatting, listening to each other and learning through play.

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Kids In Christ (KIC)
5-10 yrs

KIC is for school years 1 to 5 and they meet in the church centre (leaving the church, turn right, head along the footpath and then up the ramp!) 

KIC is a bit like Saturday morning TV - including games, challenges, small groups, stories and craft.  Drop off your child with their group leader (School Year Group) on the mat and collection is from their group leader at the end of the session.
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Stereo Six

Year 6 only

Stereo Six is our NEW group for Year 6 only! We meet in the Upper Room (through the church centre and up the stairs) We are learning about the Bible, praying for each other and learning lots of great new games!

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