St. Stephen's Church, Tonbridge
with St. Eanswythe's Mission
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Older Elements

Older Elements is for school years 10-13 and is part of 'Elements' - the community of young people at St. Stephen's Church in Tonbridge. There is loads of stuff going on and ways of connecting with God, with each other (new friends and old) and with the local community.

1)       Older Elements – OE is our youth homegroup.  It has a very similar format to other 'Connect' homegroups running at St. Stephen’s and other churches too. We meet together in the Community Centre, catch up, have some sort of bible/ faith topic study and pray for each other. 

2)       The Evening Service – a number of our youth come to the evening service.  It has a more relaxed setting than the morning service, with a greater openness in worship and ministry.  We hope that the Evening Service will be a place where you come to be a part of the church, get equipped and challenged for the week ahead and mix with people of different ages in the church. We believe strongly that the body of the church can have a huge influence in growing you as a person and deepening your faith. We also want to use the Evening Service as a platform for growing leadership and involvement from you, so please let us know if you fancy getting involved in the delivery of the Evening Service too!

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