St. Stephen's Church, Tonbridge
with St. Eanswythe's Mission
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This summer our 10:30am and 6:30am services* will be a little different. Our 10:30am services will include our Streams (see below for details) and will focus on prayers of the bible. And keeping with our prayer theme, our 6:30pm services will include lots of opportunity to pray together (again, see below for details). We'd love to see you over the summer.

* our 9:00am service at St Eanswythe's will continue as usual but will follow the same teaching theme as the 10:30am service Theology Stream.

A printable version of the following information is available here.

10:30am services (5th August to 2nd September)

Over the summer our morning service will start with a time of worship together. There will then be five different Streams (see below and right) before joining back together for coffee just before midday.
Church Stream
Where: St Stephen’s
Who for: aimed at adults but all ages are welcome
What: similar to a typical Sunday service, including a talk, worship, prayer, etc.
Theology Stream
Where: Community Centre Lounge
Who for: aimed at adults
What: delving deeper into what the Bible has to say, so bring your notepad and be prepared to think!
KIDS Stream
Where: Church Hall
Who for: children aged 4 to 10
What: we’re hoping to run a KIDS Stream (depending on leaders...can you help?) in the Church Hall for primary-aged children that’ll be zany, creative and lots of fun!!
Sporty Stream
Where: outside St Stephen’s
Who for: school Yr5 upwards
What: for those who like being active, it will include a short Reflection on the day’s theme followed by some sport, either in the church garden or in the park.
Coffee Stream
Where: Finch House
Who for: School Yr10 to Yr13
What: the Coffee Stream is for Yr10+ and will head to a local coffee shop for a drink and to discuss the day’s theme.
We won't have our usual crèche in Twinkles, but there will be a parent-supervised baby area in the church and a parent-supervised activity provided in the Twinkles room for 2-3’s. The Twinkles room has a video link so that parents can still follow the Church Stream.

6:30am services (29th July to 26th August)

Between 29th July and 26th August our evening service will focus on prayer and worship. During this time we won’t have a sermon prepared, but instead will have a time of worship and allow lots of time to pray together. So come along and join in. As usual for the evening service, refreshments will be available from 6:00pm.

Join us for our summer picnic (29th July)

Weather permitting, on 29th July we’re hoping to go to the park for a picnic together after the 10:30am service. We’ll check the weather and make a final decision on the day, but please plan to bring your picnic (and a Frisbee or two) and join us.