St. Stephen's Church, Tonbridge
with St. Eanswythe's Mission
Powered by the presence of God, shaped for the purposes of God

Our Vision

Who are we?
Why do we exist?
What guides how we do things?


Who are we?

St. Stephen’s is the Church of England parish church in South Tonbridge. We are affiliated to the New Wine Network and strive to be:

Biblical: we believe that the Bible is inspired by God and is therefore the basis of all our teaching.
Spirit led: we believe that we are empowered by the Holy Spirit and look expectantly for his work in our lives.
Christ-centred: we believe that we are to live Christ-centred, God honouring, prayerful lives individually and as a church.


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Why do we exist?

Our purpose statement: St. Stephen’s seeks to be a church that is:-

Powered by the presence of God and shaped for the purposes of God.

These purposes are:

• To glorify God and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit – worship
• To serve others with the compassion, grace and generosity of Jesus – ministry

• To proclaim the good news of Jesus through words, work, and witness – evangelism
• To build a Christ-centred community that welcomes and accepts all – fellowship

• To grow in faith, love and knowledge of God and in the character of Jesus - discipleship


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What guides how we do things?

We prayerfully look to put these into practice using the following values:-

Generous: to reflect God’s grace, encouraging each other to use all that God has given us for the benefit of all.
Genuine: to live lives of integrity, open and real with one another.
Fun: to seek to have fun together.
Passionate: to live whole-hearted lives for God, doing the very best we can so that we bring honour to God.
Relevant: to help people connect faith with every day life, believing in a God who speaks and acts today.
Inclusive: to be a church that is outward focussed, compassionate, caring and accessible to all.
Empowering: to help and equip everyone to discover and use their God given gifts, and to teach and raise up servant leadership in every aspect of church life.


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